Working on the next collection

There are a few patterns I’m considering for the next collection, going with the times, something flowy and comfortable is in order. But I’m not entirely sure that I should just be looking at comfort alone as the key parameter. Poring over the patterns, I’m drawn to the ones with pin tucks, pleats and gathers. All of these will provide roominess where required and look delicious. I’m not sure why but pin tucks and pleats add a certain richness to the garment. There is a pattern of a dress (or kurta, depends on how you want to wear it) with gathers on both sides of the waist at about 13” from the neck. There was a girl, a cinematographer I think, who loved the pattern and bought more of the same because it was perfect to wear while shooting. I’m wondering if I should bring the gathers down a bit more like 15 or 16” more closer to the hip. I’m going to make both versions and let’s see. Another pattern I love is a top with a panel under the armhole inserted between the front & back. It adds room cleverly and there’s endless design options. I can add a dash of colour by making the panel in a different colour or I can pin tuck the panel. I need to choose the fabrics next. 

The dress with gathers at the waist
The top with the panel insert
A navy blue top with the panel insert
Closer look at the panel

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